More jobs in Norway

Långsele el och järnvägsteknik has today secured work for four men in about six months on a project in Norway. “- We are very excited about this and feel that we received further confirmation that we are doing things right. But most important is that we get...

work on oil rig

LEJT can announce that we have staff on site in Bergen when upgrading an oil rig. This is a major gateway for us and we see a bright future in this industry and hope for more missions, says Fredrik From Supervisor at Långsele el och järnvägsteknik.

New cooperation

LEJT is pleased to announce we have signed an agreement with ROCAB about security. We now have security positions at ROCAB while blasting the railway in central Sweden.

New website

Today we are launching our new website. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

New cooperation

Långsele El och Järnvägsteknik has signed cooperation agreements with HMSE Entreprenad AB and Rail Inspection AS.