We’re making progress with our new office

We at LEJT are pleased that the craftsmen are slowly but surely starting to get our new office in order. Unfortunately, our young helper went on a 6 week vacation but as you can see it is moving...

New office

Yesterday LEJT began to set up its new office in Sollefteå. Fortunately, we got some help with the work. Updates come here and on our Facebook page during the...
LEJT goes to Singapore

LEJT goes to Singapore

As a thank you to our amazing staff, we will go to Singapore for training and study visits. At the same time, we’re gonna watch the F1 race there. The race is the only one that runs in the evening. Should be interesting to see how they solved it with lighting we...
Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

We want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Hope the holidays offer good food and good company. We also want to say a big thanks to the clients we have worked with over the past year, and especially to our wonderful employees.

New contract in Norway

LEJT have received the contract on earthing and minor electrical work on Östre line in Norway. LEJT also await answers to several offers and confidently look at what they can give.

Cleaning up after the storm

Långsele electricity & rail technology has been commissioned to assist in the clean-up of the tracks after the storm Ivars rampage. “- Time pressure is tough but safety must always come first,” says supervisor Fredrik From.